Chardeya Basant -2013

The divinity of the “Sabda” ( ਸਬਦ ), often, on its way to being imbibed by the heart, rides, in luscious repetition and melodious grace, the rhythms of the language of poetry. The cadence of the poetic language showers the souls with visions of musical imagery of the divine, freeing them from the snare of space-time. Therefore, creative imagination, that is obedient of the divine, holds an important space between the revealed wisdom of the “Sabda” and human consciousness. Melodious flow of thoughts in the musical words of a poet offer divine elixir of life enriching the listeners’ spiritual outlook. Gurudwara Kavi Darbar of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Paonta Sahib is manifestation of some such unfathomable divine mystery.

Naad Pargaas organizes big Kavi Darbars to keep the Sikh consciousness in the proximity of the divine aesthetics of the “Sabda”. “Chardeya Basant”  (ਚੜਿਆ ਬਸੰਤ )  is organized annually and sees the participation of famous poets of the Punjabi world (Punjabi, Indian and NRIs). It is organized in Amritsar to make it the Mecca of Punjabi Literary world, as it is the center of Sikh civilization. Classical music is also made a part of this Kavi Darbar to ensure that this tradition stays alive in the Punjab. Naad Pargaas is trying to establish Amritsar as the center of creative and Punjabi literary activities in an effort to make the Sabda an axis around which the creativity of the Punjab would revolve. Naad Pargaas is extremely sensitive about the delicate and musical dimensions present in the Punjabi literature and to mark this delicacy its makes the classical musical traditions, a part of the Chardeya Basant.

Naad Pargaas, in its continued adoration for higher spiritual values in all arts, has taken upon itself the task of promulgating these among the classes and the masses. The Chardeya Basant Kavi Darbar, which has been announced to be an annual affair hereon, was organized to, among other things, mark the arrival of the spring (The Basant) which brings to bloom not only the entire flora of the land but also the yearning hearts of the poets and the spiritual seekers.

Khalsa College of Women, Amritsar, was the venue of the third “Chardeya Basant” and it witnessed the gathering of top poets of Punjab along with classical singers and instrumentalists of repute. Sant Satnam Singh sang the Basant raag in the real classical tradition and his musical magic is impossible for words to relate. Poets Surjit Pattar, Sukhwinder Amrit, Jaswinder Singh, Vijay Vivek, Paramvir Singh, Bashir Lohar,Parvez Malik, Dheraj Nikka, Darshan Buttar, Surinder, Dr. Vaneeta, Harkawalpal Singh korpal, Joginder Singh and Kulwant Grewal graced the podium.

Prof. Jagdish Singh, the soul of all efforts of Naad Pargaas, thanked everybody who had helped in making this Kavi Darbar a success. Naad Pargaas Shabad Sanman was awarded to Dr. Gurbhagat Singh for his book Vismadi Punji ( ਵਿਸਮਾਦੀ ਪੂੰਜੀ )